Boundary Scan Test Systems

GOEPEL electronics Embedded JTAG Solutions


GOEPEL electronics offer a wide  Range of Hardware and Software for Embedded JTAG Solutions.

SCANBOOSTER II - Low Cost Boundary Scan for Entry Level Users

The SCANBOOSTER II is the Entry Level Boundary Scan Controller. This controller is connected to the PC via  USB 2.0 or GBit LAN host interface. Two independent, true parallel Test Access Ports (TAP) are supported. The maximum TCK frequency is 16 MHz. In addition, 32 mixed signal I/Os are available for universal use.

The SCANBOOSTER II is the optimal solution in particular for standard applications with high cost pressure and lower performance requirements. Compared to the much more powerful SCANFLEX II Boundary Scan Controllers there are limitations especially by the number of TAPs and the very low speed for flash programming applications.

With the SCANBOOSTER II Designer Studio (Base or Standard) GOEPEL offers a Bundle for  Test Project Developers. The SCANBOOSTER II Run Time Studio is offered as pure test station..

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Achieving a high signal quality when using test fixtures

When using test fixtures, there can be major problems with the signal quality of the test bus signals due to longer signal paths and intermediate interfaces. In the worst case, overshoots can occur, which prevents the serial JTAG interface from working properly.

To circumvent these problems, GOEPEL Electronics offers a solution in which the test bus signals are transmitted as differential signals from the Boundary Scan Controller (TEM-Interface) and are only converted back to single-ended signals in the fixture (External TIC-Interface). This way, the signal quality can be guaranteed even over longer cables.

Normally, long signal paths limit the achievable TCK frequency, which is particularly noticeable in the achievable programming time of memory devices. Goepel Electronics also offers a solution for this by compensating for the delay time using a software function called Active Delay Compensation (ADYCS). This function is available for all SCANFLEX II boundary scan controllers.

Integration packages from Goepel electronic - the perfect solution for integration in 3rd party ATE

Would you like to expand your existing testers (such as flying probe testers, in-circuit testers or functional test systems) with the boundary scan option? No problem, GOEPEL Electronics offers the right integration package for every tester. The GOEPEL software (CASCON) can be seamlessly integrated into the corresponding tester software. Appropriate communication link software is offered for this purpose. Another option - often used when integrating Boundary Scan into functional test systems - is integration via a DLL.

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